Get your way, everyday.

Whatever your lifestyle entails, from rockin' out with friends to chillin' at home with a loved one, lash extensions from Deka Lash provide that perfect look for everyday wear. You want that full, thick mascara look? You got it. You want the red carpet look? You can have that too.

Very  Natural

Some customers want a look that says "I
was born with these lashes." Very natural looks use a shorter extension length and have a slight curl that mimics the curl of your natural lash.

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Lash fans who are seeking the look of beautiful full lashes that give the appearance of wearing mascara even when they wake up.  Natural lashes improve upon the length and curl of your own existing lashes.

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If you desire longer lashes with pop then this is the look for you! These lashes  make everyone take notice. Dramatic lashes use longer lashes with sweeping curl to achieve that wow factor.

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Lush lashes are for lash addicts who demand their eyes are the center of attention. To produce that red carpet look, Lush lashes use our longest lengths and arching curls to give you a look everyone will notice.

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The Deka Lash Consultation

When you walk in the door of a Deka Lash you'll be greeted by our friendly and knowledgable staff. When you meet with your lash artist, they will help you determine which styles will work with your own natural lashes so you look fabulous and get the exact look you want from your first visit.