3 Ways Lashes Turn Back Time

They say if you want to know a woman’s true age, there are a few telltale hints you can look for: First, her hands, which age more quickly than the rest of the body due to increased exposure to the elements. Second are her earlobes, which can sag after many years of wearing hoop- and chandelier-style earring. And third are her barely-there brows and lashes, which tend to become sparser thanks to mid-life changes in hormones that slows hair growth. While the first two are nearly impossible to do anything about, every woman can regain the luscious lashes of her youth and cheat the clock — all it takes is a high-quality lash extension application.

“As we age, our lashes thin out and lose color,” explains Shallyn Rold, director of training for Deka Lash. “They turn clear, or even white, and become less noticeable.”

Anti-Aging Benefits of Lash Extensions

As gravity begins to take its toll, women in their 50s often start to notice the skin around their eyes sagging — and this, in turn, hides what’s left of your scant, lighter lashes. So, how do eyelash extensions work to combat one of the most obvious signs of aging?

  1. Your eyes will be more noticeable and youthful. Eyelash extensions widen the eye and help draw attention away from any droopy or saggy skin — this is due in part to the curl, which lifts the eyes back up. Wider eyes create a more youthful appearance, which, in turn, will make your eyes more of a focal point once again.
  2. You’ll use less makeup. As we age, makeup tends to settle into the creases and lines of our faces, which can create a harsh look that practically shines a spotlight on every imperfection. Plus, it’s more prone to unsightly smudging. When you’re flaunting eyelash extensions, you won’t need to wear as much makeup in order to get the look you desire — you’ll appear more awake, your eyes will be more visible (because lash extensions are darker and thicker than your natural lash), and you won’t need to weigh yourself down with as many products. Just think of all the time you’ll save on makeup application, too!
  3. You’ll have a customized look. For older clients, adding length to the outer corner of the eye tends to draw the eye back down. So, your Deka Lash Artist will evaluate your eye shape, face shape and the style of your eyebrow to determine where the eyelash extensions should be placed for maximum anti-aging benefit. Sometimes, adding the lashes toward the middle of your lash line (our Doll Eye style) will lift them straight up, and other times it’s better to concentrate the lashes in alignment with the arch of your eyebrow.

“I always say with a set of lashes and well-shaped brow, I can knock 10 years off anybody,” says Rold. “It’s so much easier, safer and less expensive than cosmetic surgery.”

What to Ask for During Your Appointment

Your Lash Artist will begin with a brief consultation, asking what you’re looking for, what brings you in today, and what your goals are. Let her know your goal — whether it’s to look younger, add a visible lift to your lashes, or create the perfect frame for your eyes. Since each guest receives a customized design versus a one-size-fits-all solution, you’re guaranteed to get exactly the look you want.

When it comes to anti-aging lash extensions, it’s important to note that your Lash Artist will also be focusing on curl versus length — for older clients, a straighter longer curl actually tends to sag the eye down more.

“As we age, our lashes get a little bit weaker and shorter,” explains Rold. “So when you go to put extensions on, you really don’t want to add to the weakness of the lash. Instead of going longer, you want to go shorter and curlier, to add that lift, youthful appearance, and anti-aging definition.”

Anti-Aging Aftercare Tips

An added bonus of going shorter and curlier with your lashes is that the extensions themselves will last even longer because they’re closer to your own natural lash length. But don’t worry: Even though they aren’t super long, the extensions are darker, curlier and thicker than your own natural lash, so they will be really noticeable.

To maintain your new look for as long as possible and to gain maximum time in between appointments, it’s crucial to only wash your lashes with the Deka Lash Face Wash or Makeup Remover Pads. Why? Older clients tend to use cleansers and products that contain anti-aging properties, such as glycolic acid, which can quickly erode the adhesive used to apply the lashes. Our cleanser is specifically designed to keep your eyelash extensions safe, so be sure to only use these products to clean your eyelashes — you can still use your favorite cleanser on the rest of your face.