Answering All Your Eyelash Extension Retention FAQs


Updated: July 12, 2023

Hint: it’s all in the small details

When it comes to eyelash extension education, you could say it’s pretty much our thing. From training our Lash Artists on a continual basis to ensuring that our clients have the same knowledge and know-how as we do, information is everything.  Like most things in life, it’s the small details that make the biggest difference.

Lash extension retention is almost always dependent on those small details, with weather having a role to play in your aftercare routine.

To understand exactly how weather affects our lash lines, we need to first understand another frequently misunderstood detail: the shedding patterns and cycles of our natural lashes.

Seasonal Shedding Patterns

During these cold winter months our lashes may break more easily because of the intensely dry air.  And as we countdown to spring, our internal rhythms are doing the same – the closer we get to warmer weather, the more our bodies shed hair to prepare for rising temperatures.

During this same time, the body also increases oil production to keep our hair and skin from becoming dehydrated – which, while wonderful, means we need to slightly adjust our lash aftercare routine to help combat any excess oil from accumulating near our lashes.

When summer kicks into high gear, your lash extensions become more exposed to oil, plus the extra heat and the sweat it induces.  Lash adhesive doesn’t love these barriers, and it will break down easier when exposed (our remedy? Lash-line-saving Finish).

And on the cycle goes throughout the rest of the year. The tradeoff with the summer sweat is that your shedding cycle pauses.  However, it picks back up again right when the air stabilizes for autumn.  

The adhesive used to bond lash extensions to natural lashes will break down easier when this occurs. Continuing in the summer months, our hair transitions into a resting phase (otherwise known as “telegon,” the resting phase of a hair follicle). So, as we may not see much natural lash shedding during the summer, the transition into fall may see an increase in shedding. Similar to winter, changes in humidity during the fall season play a role by causing your skin to dry out. In turn, the hair follicles are not getting the nourishment they need to grow.

Now let’s break it down

• Our natural lashes have different shedding patterns. 

• Our bodies produce excess oil due to our body’s natural process and in different seasons. 

• Lash extension adhesive does not like oil.

So, how can we nourish lashes, combat excess oil and fight dehydration?

Nourish your natural lashes with a serum, use a lash cleanser to combat excess oil and coat with a protectant to maintain the bond between your natural lashes and extensions.  

How do humidity levels affect lash retention positively or negatively?

Higher humidity climates tend to have a more negative impact on lash extensions, specifically the adhesives we use to adhere the extensions to the natural lashes. Lash extension adhesive uses hydrogen to cure, with more moisture in the air there is more hydrogen present leading to an decrease in time the lash artist has to attach the extension to the natural lash before the adhesive has started the curing process. 

We carry different types of adhesives to combat the humidity levels that typically spike during the summer months in many areas across the continent. Our studios do their best to control the humidity in the studios and Lash Artists are trained to use the type of adhesive that works best for all conditions in the studio. For the best results, we advise each client to wait a full 24-hours after their appointment before getting their lash extensions we – this also includes saunas, steamy showers and the gym. 

With our locations spanning across the country, every studio is in varying climates. What can Lash Artists do to improve the levels of humidity in their studio?

For drier climates, Lash Artists have a nano mister at their station where they use distilled water to hydrate the area around the client’s lashes to control the amount of humidity in that small section. All studios are suggested to have a humidifier and/or dehumidifier to control these levels in the studio. Our goal is to keep the humidity levels between 45-55%, although lash artists are trained to adapt to different levels depending on the climate outside affecting the levels inside the studio. 

Which Deka Lash products help the retention of lashes during seasonal changes?

I have three products I personally use and advise my clients for these times: always our Deka Lash Cleanser and Cleansing Brush to keep lash extensions and adhesive clean between appointments; our Finish to help protect adhesive bonds from build up and oil that can affect our adhesive by breaking it down prematurely; and our Enhance to condition natural lashes during these natural shedding times to ensure healthy natural lashes are still growing while getting lash extensions. 

For explanations on how to use any of our products, please visit our product page.

What can clients do at home that will help their retention (before and/or after their service)?

I would suggest the three exact products above not only during the shedding seasons but all year round!  

In your own daily/nightly routine, how do you upkeep your lashes during different seasons?

My Deka Lash Cleanser and cleansing brush are essential, everyday, except until 24-hours after my appointment. (Also the above products, finish and enhance. I practice what I preach to the clients not only during these seasons, but everyday).

What is your biggest piece of advice to clients?

My biggest piece of advice for clients, since I am also a lash extension client, is to keep lashes clean every day, even if you aren’t wearing makeup. This gives your adhesive the best chance of adhering properly and staying attached longer. More extensions that are attached at your refill appointment = fuller lashes, which could also lead to extended time between refills. We suggest every two weeks, although clients who properly take care of their extensions can potentially go 2.5 weeks between refill appointments. 

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