Be supported.
Be inspired.
Be Dekadent.

Designed by Lash Artists, for Lash Artists, our unique open-concept studios were built with your professional experience in mind. We take care of your costs, tools, and industry-leading training, so you can focus on what matters—your art.

Deka Lash allows you to be creative and pursue what you love.

We provide you with a client base, marketing, billing, and studio operations to free your creativity to explore and develop your craft. You do lashes. We do the rest.

Discover your potential.
Be Dekadent.

Become the artist you want to be

An investment in you is an investment in our clients. That’s why at Deka Lash, we train you in the latest tools and techniques. And as part of a rapidly growing franchise, you’ll have plenty of options for growth. Become a Master Lash Artist , a Lash Artist Trainer, or develop your customer service and management skills.


Work with a team you love

If you ‘love to lash’, you’ll love life here at Deka Lash. Our open-concept studios allow for a fun, supportive, and unique environment where everyone swaps ideas and gets along. In the Deka family, if you need help, support, or inspiration, all you have to do is ask.

Join a place that cares

Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible, so that you can focus on building your portfolio and creating personalized client experiences from beginning to end. Deka Lash owners and managers care—they handle the supplies and studio needs so you can explore your artistry and build strong relationships.

What is

At Deka Lash, we believe that Dekadence is a good thing. It’s how we feel when we’re supported and celebrated; how we work when we’re given the tools and training to succeed. A Dekadent career is one where we’re learning, inspiring, and thriving. 

When we say ‘be Dekadent’, we mean:

Be Glamourous

There’s a power in glamour. It’s beauty with purpose. It stuns. It reveals. And as Lash Artists, we can summon it when it’s needed most.

Be Confident

Confidence is what happens when you tap into your own power. It’s a belief in your gifts and a faith in your skills. It’s felt on the inside but visible to all. It makes you glow. 

Be Unique

Everyone has something that makes them unique. And when we learn to celebrate our personal style, talents, and taste, we discover what makes us stand out. 

Live our values.
Be Dekadent.

We're inclusive

We honor and celebrate the beauty in everyone. We lift each other and our clients up.

We're passionate

Instilling confidence and enhancing beauty is our creative calling. We’re always experimenting with the latest trends and techniques.

We're authentic

We don’t transform our clients into something they’re not—we reveal beauty within.

We're creative

We make the everyday extraordinary, creating customized looks with passion and artistry. 

We work hard

We undergo training to develop our expertise, achieving stunning results for clients and realizing our dreams.

We come together

No one is left out of the Deka family. We support each other’s development and celebrate each other’s personal style. 

Discover eye-catching careers.
Be Dekadent.

With the Deka family behind you, there’s no limit to what you can achieve at Deka Lash. As well as industry-leading lash training, we offer development courses in customer service, life skills, and more. So whether you ‘just want to lash’ or have your sights on management, you’ll find plenty of opportunity here.

Take the first step. Be Dekadent.

With over 100 studios across the US, you can begin a Deka Lash career from almost anywhere. Franchise owners benefit from our reputation and support, while Lash Artists enjoy industry-leading training and our Deka family culture. Our open-concept studios were designed by Lash Artists, for Lash Artists. So whether you’re based in Portland or Pennsylvania, you’ll enjoy little touches like arm rests on your lash bed, as well as the best tools and products in the business. 

Whether you join us as a Lash Artist or Studio Manager, you’ll be helping thousands of customers to feel confident, glamorous, and unique. Apply for one of our open positions today and begin your Dekadent career. 

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