Deka Lash Expands into Calgary, Alberta, CA

We are thrilled to bring our lash and brow services to Canada

We are thrilled to finally introduce Deka Lash to Calgary, Canada! In the midst of a world still coping with travel restrictions, we were still able to sit down virtually with new studio owners, Jennifer and Guy Phaneuf, to discuss why they chose to be a part of the Deka Lash team. Their responses gave us insight into who they are, what they stand for and how Deka Lash will positively impact Calgary.

Tell us about yourselves and how/why you decided to bring Deka Lash to Calgary! 

Jennifer was raised in Calgary and is a graduate of the University of Calgary.  I was raised in Winnipeg, am a graduate of the University of Manitoba, and have been living in Calgary for over 20 years.  We have two boys and are very active in our community.  After getting serious about owning our own business 18-20 months ago, we explored several different opportunities and just kept coming back to the Deka Lash model. We liked that it was specialized and would give us the opportunity to become the premier destination for eyelashes in Calgary.  It’s not just another add on service or a service that is done in someone’s home.  The studio setting provides a professional, warm, and welcoming environment.  We liked the idea that we can make women feel even more beautiful! Jennifer Blair had a vision and we love it. She wanted to make lash extensions, a service that was traditionally expensive and reserved for only special occasions, affordable and something that can be maintained on a regular basis. The membership model is very appealing and certainly unique to our market.

What is it about Deka Lash that you think Calgarians will benefit from the most?

Calgary is a young, vibrant city with so much to offer.  The women that make this city what it is are active, involved, engaged, and busy. They deserve and will demand a high quality service that help them look and feel their best. Calgarian women have tight schedules, and they often juggle many things at once to make their lives work.  Saving time but not having to apply mascara or eye make-up will appeal to them. Whether its a day at Sunshine or hiking in Bragg Creek, the ease of care that eyelash extensions provides will allow our ladies to enjoy their favorite activities even more. For these same reasons, we expect that the TE service will be well received and appreciated.

You’re the first Deka Lash to open in Canada. This is huge! What does it mean to you to be the first in Canada to open this business?

While we were really excited to be the first studio in Calgary, we are thrilled to now be the first Deka Lash to open in Canada. This is really special for us.  Our intention is to be the flagship studio in Canada and we are happy to be part of the great Deka Lash organization. We are excited to grow the Canadian brand and look forward to being part of a large network of franchise studios from coast to coast.

Tell us about Aspen’s Landing and your new neighbors!

Aspen Landing is a beautiful newer community in the SW of Calgary. It borders what is known as the foothills and is the gateway to the mountains and Alberta’s playground. There is a good mix of homes with condos, apartments and services in the area. The Aspen area is an active community with hiking/biking trails, gyms, yoga, and trendy restaurants. Like Calgary, the Aspen area is culturally diverse. The shopping center itself  services numerous communities and has a unique village like concept.  It is designed as a place for the community to gather, shop, work, dine, rejuvenate, and enjoy. The numerous shops, boutiques and cafes create an intimate atmosphere with an emphasis on charm.

What are some of your favorite places and fellow businesses in and around Calgary?

Our favourite places in the Calgary area center around our community and the intricate pathway systems that Calgary has to offer. In just a few minutes we can be walking our dog along the river pathways or in Nosehill, a large park which constantly reminds us how beautiful the prairies really are. Pre-COVID, Calgary had a vibrant restaurant community and we are certainly known for our Alberta beef.  And we mustn’t forget the hockey rinks! Community hockey is a central part of our community and most hockey parents would tell you it is a critical part of their social network!

No Deka Lash is complete without its Lash Artists. Can you tell us a little about your staff?

Well, where to start! Our Calgary Lash Artist family is absolutely amazing! We have a diverse group of Lash Artists who each bring something special to our team. They are talented, motivated to be the best, professional beyond words, and are already taking care of each other. In the few weeks that we have been open, we have been told numerous times how much clients appreciate the kind and a supportive atmosphere that we are creating. We’re thrilled for Calgary to meet Wyatt-Ann, Alexandra, Gurrinder, and Toni