Everything You Need to Know About Brow Lamination

If you’ve kept up with brow trends since the time it ‘looked good’ to over pluck them, you will be thankful that this noninvasive beauty treatment is exactly the opposite. Waking up to full, tamed brows is making my mornings, as you can imagine, that much easier. After getting lash extensions for a few years now, I thought about investing in my brows. As microblading started to trend in beauty, I was hesitant to take the step from tinting them at home to something almost permanent. I kept putting off the appointment until I heard about brow lamination. It piqued my interest because I had played around with watching tutorials on how to get the perfect soap brows for a fluffier look as mine lacked fullness.

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a non-invasive treatment that shapes, tames, and lifts your brow hairs, leaving them in the direction you desire. After some research, I booked an appointment and was skeptical before my consultation. The process was surprisingly simple: my Artist and I discussed that I was looking for fullness, something manageable, and nothing too dramatic. I laid back and – within 30 minutes – the process was complete. Even as the days wore on following my appointment, my brows actually looked like the models you see on Instagram with their full effortless brows, in that perfectly untamed tame way. On days when I am makeup-free, all I do is brush my brows (after adding a small amount of the aftercare serum). And, since my thinner hairs stayed upward, there was less space that I needed to fill sparse areas with brow powder when I do wear makeup. 

Is Brow Lamination for me?

For thin and sparse hair, a brow lamination will give a fluffier, fuller look. For unruly and coarse hair, a brow lamination will maintain hairs in the right direction for that sleek, tamed look.

How much maintenance and aftercare?

A brow lamination can last anywhere from 5-8 weeks, which means no long term commitment. Make sure that after your appointment, you leave them dry for 24 hours. And, always brush the complimentary Deka Hydrating Serum through your brows once in the morning and once at night to keep the brows hydrated. Whether you look in the mirror and see thin, sparse brows or you have to pull out a compact every hour to make sure your brows aren’t dancing on their own, a brow lamination will be just what you need for a full, tamed look – in addition to waking up with the same look every day, hassle-free.