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New Client FAQ

Please arrive 15 minutes before any new appointment. For best lash extension retention, please remove all eye makeup prior to your appointment. We also recommend removing contact lenses. Depending on which service you’ve booked, plan on setting aside 1-2 hours for a full set, and 30 minutes – 1 hour for a refill. 

Yes! If you are under 18, you must have a parent or guardian with you at the time of your appointment to sign a consent form.

Deka Lash Extensions 101 and Services

Eyelash extensions are applied to your natural lashes to enhance the appearance of eyelash length, curl, and density. Lightweight and made from a high-quality synthetic blend, eyelash extensions are either one singular lash or a fan of lashes. Both types come in a variety of lengths, but fans also come in a variety of options. A fan consists of multiple lashes that share the same base. As with a singular lash extension, one fan is applied to one natural lash to create a rich and full lash line.

Most importantly, our eyelash extensions come in a wide variety of lengths, curls, and fans. In other words, the customization options are endless when it comes to creating your perfect lash look.

TrueVolume is our most versatile and popular eyelash service. Created by placing a Volume lash fan onto each single natural eyelash, the result is a fuller, more voluminous look that can be customized to suit your preferences and eye shape. Volume lashes are perfect for those who want a bold, dramatic look that still looks natural and feminine.

Using a variety of multi-lash fans, this signature look can give you wispy, cat eye, modified cat eye, doll eye, or natural lash extensions.

TrueXpress is a full set of lash extensions that are completed in half the time of any other standard full set lash appointment. TrueXpress creates a light-volume look with natural-looking length with a full set lasting half the time of a standard volume appointment.

Classic is a natural, timeless look that is achieved by placing a single extension on a single natural lash.

Hybrid lashes are a type of lash look that combines both our Classic lashes and our TrueVolume fans to create a more textured and dimensional lash look. Our Classic lashes are used to provide length and thickness, while our TrueVolume fans are used to add depth and fullness. The result is a more natural-looking lash line with added volume and texture. Hybrid lashes are a great option for those who want a fuller look than classic lashes but aren’t quite ready for the dramatic look of volume lashes.

MegaVolume is the fullest, more dramatic and dense lash look available. MegaVolume is created by attaching multiple ultra-fine lash extensions to each natural lash, creating a very voluminous and dense lash line. MegaVolume lashes use even thinner and lighter lashes than traditional volume lashes. The lashes are applied similar to standard extensions, with up to 16 lashes on every fan, and therefore 16 lashes to each natural lash.

There are a few ways to know which of our lash looks will look best on you. Most importantly: they’ll all look best on you, regardless of your eye shape, face shape, eye color, etc. Our looks are designed for everyone. But, if you’re looking for a point of reference, check our Our Services page. Each look has a Try On Feature – click the button, enable your camera, and scroll through to see how each lash look looks on you!

Additionally, our Lash Artists are the experts. At the start of each appointment, they’re there to guide you through all your questions, understand what look you’re trying to achieve, and will give their best recommendation for which service and style fits your need.

Yes. The safety of your natural lashes is our top priority. To help ensure the safety of your natural lashes and your entire eye area, all of our Lash Artists must complete a comprehensive training and certification process. During the consultation before your appointment, your Lash Artist will talk with you about what look you want and what, if any, your concerns are. Your Lash Artist may recommend a different lash length or style based on the condition of your natural lashes. This is to ensure your safety.

Additionally, if you have concerns about adhesives, you may always request an adhesive test to see how your skin reacts. We have sensitive and super sensitive adhesive to help those with more sensitive skin.

It happens! We just require a notice before 12 hours of your appointment. If you cancel or reschedule your appointment within 12 hours of your original appointment time, you’ll be charged 50% of the service price.

No-shows will be charged 100% of the service price. A “no-show” is defined as a client who fails to be present at the time of the scheduled appointment, OR:

a. Within 5 minutes of the appointment time for all TrueXpress appointments or appointments lasting 30 minutes or less; 

b. Within 10 minutes of the appointment time for all other appointments.

These time limits are in place to ensure your Lash Artist has enough time to fulfill the service type. More time to lash = more lashes.

Appointments and Aftercare

We use “Full Set” to describe the lashes you’ll receive on your first visit. It always means that first full set of lashes, regardless of which service you receive. Full Sets can take between 60-90 minutes to apply depending on which lash service you’ve selected. “Refills” mean you’re in the swing of things. We recommend scheduling a Refill every two weeks. Your natural lashes continue to grow and shed as you wear your extensions, and the two week mark is when some fall out becomes noticeable. Refills take half the time of a full set but the result is the same: a fully refilled lash line – that is once again a full lash line.

Due to the shedding cycle of a natural lash, we lose on average 3 lashes per day. To ensure the health of your lashes (and to make sure we keep your lash line full), we recommend scheduling your Refills for every two weeks. Important note: if you schedule your refill for 3 weeks or more since your last appointment, we will have to apply a new Full Set. This could affect the cost of your appointment.

Deka Add-On Services are our ways to squeeze in some extra TLC into each and every one of our services. When booking your appointment, you can browse through and select which Add-On you’re interested in trying. Depending on the Add-On, the extra cost can be as low as $5 with no added time to your appointment.

The Don’ts are simple! Avoid getting them wet. The bond requires 24 hours to fully adhere and moisture is the number one way to disrupt that bonding process. So, in a nutshell: avoid your eye area while washing your face, take care in the shower, avoid high steam, sweat, and saunas; do not go swimming, and make sure to pack an umbrella!

But after 24 hours? Do enjoy your favorite activities! We love lashes because we can wear them every day while doing the things you love. You can workout, swim, shower and wash your face as normal, hop in the sauna, and get caught in the rain – and your lashes will stay on. Pro tip: just remember to brush them out afterwards.

Of course! But just like we mentioned above in the Do’s and Don’ts, just wait 24 hours before doing so. We also recommend brushing out your lashes after your swim to help them dry and remain in-line.

Of course! Our lash looks are designed so that while you may not need eyeliner, you can wear whatever type of eye makeup you want. When it comes to eye makeup and extensions, it’s all about the makeup remover. Avoid oil-based makeup removers as they conflict with the extension bonds.

Looking for an extension-safe oil-free remover? Check out our specially formulated Rosewater Makeup Remover!

Additional Services: Lash Lift, Brow Lamination, and more

A Lash Lift is a cosmetic procedure that lifts and curls the natural lashes using a gentle chemical solution. Non-invasive, Lash Lifts are an alternative to eyelash extensions and result in a more natural, low-maintenance lash look.

During a Lash Lift treatment, the eyelashes are first cleansed to remove any makeup or oils. A silicone shield is then placed over the eyelid and the lashes are combed upwards over the shield. A perming solution is applied to the lashes, which is left on for a set amount of time. The perming solution softens and reshapes the lash hairs, giving them a natural curl. A neutralizing solution is then applied to stop the perming process and set the curl.

The result of a Lash Lift treatment is curled and lifted lashes that appear longer and more defined. The effects typically last for 6-8 weeks, which is the natural growth cycle of eyelashes. We love Lash Lifts for anyone taking a break from their extensions and for anyone who may not be ready to commit to extensions yet wants a little more curl.

Brow Lamination is a non-invasive, semi-permanent procedure that involves reshaping and setting eyebrow hairs in a particular direction using a gentle chemical solution. This process is designed to create a fuller, more defined and uniform look for the brows, making them appear thicker, more structured, and better-groomed. The end result also appears to give a “glossy” look, earning its laminated title.

Brow Lamination is for anyone looking to improve the overall look of their brows by creating a fuller, fluffier yet more defined brow shape.

With proper aftercare (hint: use your complimentary Brow Oil that’s provided with your service!), Brow Lamination can last up to 6-8 weeks.


The monthly cost of each membership varies by location. Contact your local Deka Lash studio for pricing details.

While we’re all for spreading the lash love, memberships are non-transferable and can only be used by the member.

Yes! Clients may freeze their memberships for a maximum of two (2) months per calendar year. During the freeze period, the client will be charged member pricing.

We’d be sorry to see you go! Memberships can be canceled at any time after your second billing period*. When a Member cancels their membership, the remaining accrued credits will be available for use for a period of ninety (90) days after the date of cancelation.

*If you purchased a membership through a membership offer or promotion, a 30 day notice of cancelation is required.

Nope! We just ask that you sign a Membership agreement but the agreement is not tied to any timeframe.


Our products are sold in every studio and online. Find your nearest Deka Lash studio to see where products are sold near you, or check out the Deka Lash online store.

Yes. All of our Deka Lash products are cruelty-free – and always will be.

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