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What Our Clients Are Saying

Based on 107 reviews
The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. My lashes turned out great.
I really appreciate Kae for her professionalism. I love she washed her hands and not use the sanitizer to clean her hands then touch my face with the chemicals from the sanitizer. We would never use sanitizer on our face and she made sure not to put it my face. I love her work she took into consideration what I wanted and what was best for my eye shape and blended the two together and gave me a beautiful set of lash extensions. They are just what I wanted. She was so kind and considerate during the service I felt I was in good hands. She is good at her job and I just wanted to recognize her for a great job. Thank You Kae❤️
i unfortunately did not get any clear photos with this set of lashes- so i’m including a screenshot from a video where the lashes are clearly visible lol! this is my second time having lashes done by deka lash- the first time they lasted a little over 3 weeks (almost a month)! this time i had them on for 2 & 1/2 weeks and could have EASILY lasted another couple of days- i removed the last of the lash extensions early for a new set! they were really cute- i got the natural set, doll shaped! i haven’t been disappointed yet and currently on my 3rd set from deka lash!
It was my first time at Deka Lash, and I didn't know what to expect. Sarah did a fantastic job taming my eyebrows! Kae was an expert in applying my lashes, explaining in detail what the process entailed. I am extremely satisfied with Deka Lash~
Kae always does a fabulous job!
I was a training model for Tiera. She was super friendly and very professional. She did an amazing job!
My lash technician Kae did an amazing job. They were just what I wanted. I truly couldn't be happier.
Tiera was amazing! Loved her and the lashes she did for me.
I had the best experience at this deka lash! I booked and full hybrid set with Sarah and she did such an amazing job!! She took her time as-well as made sure I was comfortable before we started. I recommend going to see her if you want your lashes done (plus she’s so funny) !! I will be back !
Great job on my lashes! I will never go to another place!
I'm terrible at doing lashes myself so it's great to know there's a local spot to help for those special occasions.
My lashes look great. I love their hours and location!
Yuliana did such a great job with my first set of classic lashes. They lasted over a month and I got so many compliments of them being so natural and beautiful. They were more than I could have expected.
Very friendly and did an amazing job
Sarah is the bomb!
Anna did a 5/5 job!
I have been seeing Sarah and she is so gentle and my lashes are long lasting and look beautiful every time I go here.
I am addicted. I signed up for the membership and I love it. I see Breanna and she consistently does an excellent job. My lashes last forever. Plus the facility is so cute and professional.
Such a great experience here! Brenna was so nice and did a fabulous job! I’ll definitely be back 🙂
Book with Sam or Shay!! They are the BEST!!
At first with automated system was frustrated not good experience after talking to Tara. We were able to straighten and fix everything,
Loved my experience here! Professional and clean atmosphere.Never been more pleased with how my lashes turned out. Jaynique did an amazing job.
I had no idea what to expect but Chaz at E CobbLocation was so patient and explained everything. Most importantly he heard what I wanted and nailed it!!! Will definitely be seeing him again!
Clean relaxing and professional. The lash work was good. I will try them again.
Great experience. Jamie did an amazing job. Love the product and relaxing atmosphere while Jamie is working on my lashes. I had never done this before and now I’m hooked!
Manager Tara offers EXCELLENT customer service!!
This was my first eyelash service ever and Jamie did so great. She was very professional and I’m impressed with her skills! Definitely recommend Jamie and Deka Lash services!
Samira is awesome! Facility is always clean, and prices are reasonable!
The only reason I’m am not giving 5 stars is because how quickly my lashes fell out the looked beautiful and natural but fell out to quickly like I loss 7 lashes in one eye in the same day. I read it’s normal to lose about 3 a day by the end of the week they were gone. The person who did them was super sweet I’m just not sure if maybe the glue or something was the issue.
Very clean and a great ambiance. I got my lashes done by Aminah. Im very pleased with them and she made me feel very comfortable. Will definitely be returning.
** UPDATE/EDIT: Tara (the store owner) called me to personally apologize & refund my money. She was VERY SWEET and had no idea that any of this was going on and it was a complete 180 from how the call center people treated me. I cannot recommend her enough! I’m so happy with how she handled this and wish I had just contacted her directly sooner!! If you’re considering going here, please do and if you have any issues go directly to her!So to start: I went to this location because it was recommended by a friend. When I went there, I met a lovely stylist named Michelle and was super pleased with the customer service and the extensions themselves (my first time ever getting these done).Fast forward a few months and COVID-19 has hit. My financials are a mess, I'm struggling for work, and I'm having to take care of not only myself, but my parents. I go in for a lash appointment on October 11th, 2020 and after I get my extensions I tell my stylist that I need to cancel my membership since I could no longer afford it at that time. She was very sweet and said she would take care of everything and that I wouldn't have to worry about it; I asked her if I would receive any other charges (so I could plan accordingly) and she assured me that I would not, and on the off-chance that I did I would receive an email prior to the charge. I left happy with the services and told myself I would go back when I could afford it.December came and I received an email that my "payment was declined" and I called the store and was told that was an email that went out to everyone due to a technology upgrade on their end that required updated payment information, but since I had cancelled I didn't need to worry about this. I realize now that this should have been a HUGE red flag.It is now March 2021. I was charged a $109 payment to my card with no warning whatsoever and when I called to ask about this, I was told that my membership was NEVER cancelled and was instead "past due". I said this didn't make sense since my stylist assured me she cancelled it and I have not been receiving monthly charges and have not been contacted about this issue. The customer service person was very short with me and said that was not the case and told me she would have a manager contact me on Monday (since this happened on Saturday). Well, no manager EVER contacted me but I did get a notification that my account was cancelled. Today (Tuesday) I contacted another customer service agent over the internet and they said the store manager said they would cancel my account but not issue a refund. I called the actual store itself and was told that "cancellations are only done over the phone" (which is NOT what several employees of the store have said and not what I was told when I did this in-store), I would not receive a refund, and when I asked if I could at least use the credit for another set of eyelashes (since I had already paid??) I was told that would not be possible since my ACCOUNT WAS CANCELLED; I would have to pay again.I'm devastated at the lack of support, communication, and empathy this company is exhibiting during this distressing and financially burdensome time. I am hoping the store owner is able to resolve this issue appropriately since I have never been one to leave negative reviews, ask for refunds, or start any issues.
I was in need of help! And I reached out to them and I was lucky enough to get an appointment before Valentine’s Day weekend! Samria did amazing ! It was my first time and honestly she did exactly what I wanted (: thank you! I definitely recommend going!
Victoria did amazing at my lash extensions!!
Clean. Professional. Excellent service.
Clean, on time, efficient and friendly!
Love, love, love my lashes!
Good fast work. I do not like laying in the chair for long.
Always a good result! Started going as a sub for my usual lash specialist and have been happy with the service. Nice to know I have a more than acceptable “pinch hitter” with Deka Lash. Highly recommend. 👍
Shay is excellent! She knew exactly what I wanted and her technique is flawless. This is my second time scheduling with her, and after searching for quite some time for a consistent and amazing lash artist, I am glad to say I have found my gem! Thanks Shay for your excellent customer service and for providing a delightful lash experience!
So happy to be back!
My lashes last forever and they are so natural looking and beautiful
Not sure I would pay much attention to the negative reviews here. My sister and I have been going for about 9 months now and we have had nothing but a positive experience. For people saying it’s uncomfortable, you also have the option to use the sensitive glue. They disinfect the table after every customer. I think some people just need to speak up and give businesses a chance to help before giving bad reviews.
Last week was my first time trying out Deka Lash. The girls were very friendly and welcoming. The overall experience at the salon was great! However, it's been a week and most of my lashes have come out. I called to see if they could do any sort of touch up since I normally get them filled in every 2 and a half to 3 weeks. Unfortunately, they said that touch ups can only be done in the first 5 days so I would have to come in and get another complete refill since it has been 7 days. That was very disheartening given lashes in general are already expensive. Not to mention if you have to pay it twice within a week :(However, the owner reached out personally and told me the person I spoke to was incorrect. She set up an appointment for me to get my lashes fixed the very next day. That is what you call great customer service:)
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Full Sets and Refills

  • TrueXpress Lashes $130.00
  • Refill $65.00
  • Classic Lashes $130.00
  • Refill $65.00
  • Hybrid Lashes $180.00
  • Refill $90.00
  • TrueVolume Lashes $210.00
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  • MegaVolume Lashes $250.00
  • Refill $125.00
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  • TrueXpress Lashes $170.00
  • Refill $85.00
  • Classic Lashes $170.00
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  • Hybrid Lashes $230.00
  • Refill $115.00
  • TrueVolume Lashes $260.00
  • Refill $130.00
  • MegaVolume Lashes $300.00
  • Refill $150.00
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For Skin As Good As Those Lashes

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For Skin As Good
As Those Lashes

The experts in lashes, brows – and now Hydrafacial! We’re so excited to now offer the best skin of your life here at Deka Lash Marietta.

Hydrafacial is a non-invasive three step process that cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin. Depending on your skin goals, Hydrafacial can be personalized to target an array of concerns from fine lines and wrinkles to calming congestion and acne.

Book to pair with your next lash appointment or as a free-standing appointment!

  • Signature Express $199

    Our 30 min treatment provides all of the essential steps needed to deeply cleanse, extract,hydrate and protect your skin with our antioxidant and peptide rich super serums to leave youwith that signature glow.

  • Signature Boost $265

    An invigorating treatment that provides all the essentials of the Signature Express with the added benefit of specialized boosters and light therapy to address your specific skin concerns.

  • Signature Boost+ $325

    The ultimate Hydrafacial experience begins with a Lymphatic Drain to remove toxins and ease inflammation. We then followed up with the full Hydrafacial treatment along with specialized Booster and Light Therapy to address your personal skin needs.


Your favorite services on repeat

As a member, you’ll receive discounts on our services and lash aftercare products — the secret to keeping your lashes looking as beautiful as you. With three different options to choose from, you’re sure to find the right option to keep you and your lashes happy.


Recommended for those who love our
MegaVolume and TrueVolume styles
$ 209
99 / month
$1080 Annual Savings
  • Monthly perks of being a VIP include:
  • 2 Fills per month
  • 2 Free Hydrating Eye Mask Add-Ons
  • 50% Off First Brow Lamination
  • 10% Off All Future Brow Laminations
  • 10% Off Brow Shapes and Tints
  • 10% Off All Retail Products
  • 25% Off Hydrafacial Services

The Luxe

Recommended for those who love our
Classic, Hybrid, and TrueVolume styles
99 / month
$960 Annual Savings
  • Monthly perks of being a Luxe include:
  • 2 Fills per month
  • 1 Free Hydrating Eye Mask Add-On
  • 50% Off First Brow Lamination
  • 10% Off All Future Brow Laminations
  • 10% Off All Retail Products
  • 15% Off Hydrafacial Services

The Essentials

Recommended for those who love
our TrueXpress style
99 / month
$660 Annual Savings
  • Monthly perks of being an Essentials include:
  • 2 Fills per month
  • 50% Off First Brow Lamination
  • 10% Off All Retail Products
  • 10% Off Hydrafacial Services