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What Our Clients Are Saying

Based on 144 reviews
I was so relaxed, I fell asleep while get my lashes done. Great experience.
I have been going to this location since 2021- Julianna is AMAZING! My lash extensions are perfect every time! Highly recommend!
My girl, Nita is phenomenal. I have never been unhappy with how my lashes look. I would recommend this business.
I loved it so much! The experience, the process, and the result! Everything was amazing!
Julianna was amazing. Not only did I get a beautiful, stingless lash lift, I got to have great conversation that made the appt seem half the time of what it actually was. 10/10, highly recommend!!
This was my first experience with lash extensions and I could not have been more pleased. The environment was clean and comforting. My lash artist Blake was very kind and informative and made me feel so at ease. She listened to what I said and took note of the pictures I showed her and gave me exactly what I had imagined. Thank you Blake and DekaLash for a great experience! I’ve already booked my next appointment lol
Had Brow Lamination for 1st time.Very pleased
I had a wonderful hydrafacial experience! Blake was absolutely phenomenal, walking me through each step, and making sure I understood follow up care. And my face felt great and so clean!
Great service!
Nice vibes, great staff, and willing to work with newbies and explain the process
Sarah did an excellent job on my lash extensions. She was confident, patient and attentive. Just fantastic! She took care of me 100%.
I absolutely love the work I've had done here; which is saying something because normally I have extremely high standards when it comes to beauty procedures, I've had multiples sets done and have tried the eyelash lift as well as the eyebrow lamination and have been blow away with each service I've received! Julianna is my favorite, she's gentle and patient with my fidgeting self. And makes great personal suggestions, I most recently tried their colored extensions becauseof her, and I adore the purple! New favorite look 😍
Taylor was very sweet and pampered me with her caring attitude to help me relax with lash extensions with sensitive eyes.She is very professional and confidant in what she does and I highly recommend her! You will be very happy with her service!
Juliana is very good at eyelash extensions. I requested to see her when I return.Jackie Money
Would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to get eyelash extensions! I love them and already booked my 2nd appointment for a fill!
Taylor did an amazing job. I love my lashes and will be returning for a fill-in.
Sarah was amazing with my lash lift! Highly recommend!
It was my first time getting lash extensions and she made it wonderful won’t go anywhere else
It was my second time having lash extensions done. The first time was not a good experience whatsoever, so I was leery in even having them again. I’m glad I decided to give deka lash a shot, because Taylor was amazing and I cannot wait to go back. If you’re not sure or have had a bad experience previously, I highly recommend deka lash!!!
it was my first lash lift and tint and first brow tint. lash lift was beautiful but the brows were a little dark. loved it tho and they faded to a better shade after a couple days!
My experience there was great and I even got the monthly deal. What I don’t like is they tell you that you can cancel your membership but they fail to tell you it’s a 30 day cancellation! Be up front with your customers, honesty goes a long way this days!
Sarah does amazing work so happy with the results of my eyelashes.
Not as full as I would like but it was the product I chose. After being educated by my installer now I know the difference. They're a bit expensive for what I got so I probably won't return but my over all experience was very nice.
Stacy was the best! Very pleasant and informative! I became a member! Can’t wait to get my refills!
Great experience, clean, quiet facility with a great location! Love the look of my new lashes!
Oh my God I love this place. You have to go see Sarah! She’s a sweetheart and she does such a great job. She makes sure you look perfect before you leave out the door. Thanks Sarah.
Sarah did a fabulous job on my lash fill. I just moved from California and had my previous lash lady for 3 years. I was nervous to try a new person, but Sarah did amazing work. Very impressed.
Very professional. Kind knowledgeable staff
Oh my gosh couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I showed up late and my technician canceled an outside appointment just so she could get my lashes done. I could not have asked for a better place for my first time lash extensions. Will recommend to all my Amazonian coworkers. and by the way the lashes look great!
Clean...professional and very relaxing. Jazmyn did a wonderful job!
I had Jazzmin and she was wonderful! I did lash extensions and I love them! This was my first experience and I am so happy I did it! She was very informative and professional!! I joined the club!!
Friendly staff. I will definitely be back!
Sara was Amazing! It was my first time and she did her thing! I was pleased with her professionalism. I am in with my Lashes. Thank You!
Jazmyn did a great job on my lash extensions. I requested something natural looking and they turned out perfect! I am very happy 😊
Customer service is fantastic. Sarah did a great job with my lashes.
Very friendly. Clean. Super affordable and CUTE. Any issues they are willing to fix .
Great service!!
Update: after calling to cancel my membership they offered to fix my lashes and the manager Stacy helped me out a ton by doing my lashes and switching to a glue that has worked great so far. Ive decided to keep going monthly. The only thing that makes me a bit sad is that the First Lady to ever do my lashes there was Koryn and she was so sweet in the beginning. After having a misunderstanding on the cost of the hybrids and her explaining to me that I owed more money (which I did) she had a bit of a attitude and seemed bothered by my concerns. I then realized after I went today to try booking a appointment with her via Instagram that she BLOCKED me. I’m not sure what I could have possibly done to her to be blocked. Funny because I just had a fill in with her and I was very nice and kind to her even tho she was standoffish. I just think that if consultants are going to get mad for doing their basic job and answering BASIC questions that a client has they should not be doing this job. Very unprofessional. Won’t be booking with koryn again. Very disappointing because I did think she was a very sweet gal. I’ll stick to the usual Sarah and Whitney! These 2 ladies are amazing and always so kind! I love the way the do lashes!So I go here every 10days-2weeks and have already been going for about 2 months. I’ve tried almost every lash person and get hybrids. The lashes do not last at all. I went in for a fill in just a few days ago and my right eye has already lost most of the lashes. I purchased the membership and I’m just so disappointed with my experience. The ladies there are really nice which is why I’m leaving 3 stars. I don’t think they’re under qualified but I do believe that they may not be using the highest quality products. After my second or third trip I had to go and get them “fixed” but they only offer to fix every 6m so right now I have barely any lashes left and I just feel like I’m not really getting the full benefits of having lash extensions if they don’t even last a week. Lashes should last 2-3weeks and not have as much fall out. By reading a lot of the reviews I see it’s a common issue and I hope they find a solution to the problem.
I got a lash lift and it was great from start to finish. I will definitely be back regularly!
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Lash Extensions Member Pricing

Full Sets and Refills

  • TrueXpress Lashes $130.00
  • Refill $65.00
  • Classic Lashes $130.00
  • Refill $65.00
  • Hybrid Lashes $180.00
  • Refill $90.00
  • TrueVolume Lashes $210.00
  • Refill $105.00
  • MegaVolume Lashes $250.00
  • Refill $125.00
Lash Extensions Non-Member Pricing

Full Sets and Refills

  • TrueXpress Lashes $170.00
  • Refill $85.00
  • Classic Lashes $170.00
  • Refill $85.00
  • Hybrid Lashes $230.00
  • Refill $115.00
  • TrueVolume Lashes $260.00
  • Refill $130.00
  • MegaVolume Lashes $300.00
  • Refill $150.00
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For Skin As Good As Those Lashes

Hydrafacial x deka lash logo

For Skin As Good
As Those Lashes

The experts in lashes, brows – and now Hydrafacial! We’re so excited to now offer the best skin of your life here at Deka Lash Fort Mill.

Hydrafacial is a non-invasive three step process that cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin. Depending on your skin goals, Hydrafacial can be personalized to target an array of concerns from fine lines and wrinkles to calming congestion and acne.

Book to pair with your next lash appointment or as a free-standing appointment!

  • Signature Express $199

    Our 30 min treatment provides all of the essential steps needed to deeply cleanse, extract,hydrate and protect your skin with our antioxidant and peptide rich super serums to leave youwith that signature glow.

  • Signature Boost $265

    An invigorating treatment that provides all the essentials of the Signature Express with the added benefit of specialized boosters and light therapy to address your specific skin concerns.

  • Signature Boost+ $325

    The ultimate Hydrafacial experience begins with a Lymphatic Drain to remove toxins and ease inflammation. We then followed up with the full Hydrafacial treatment along with specialized Booster and Light Therapy to address your personal skin needs.


Your favorite services on repeat

As a member, you’ll receive discounts on our services and lash aftercare products — the secret to keeping your lashes looking as beautiful as you. With three different options to choose from, you’re sure to find the right option to keep you and your lashes happy.


Recommended for those who love our
MegaVolume and TrueVolume styles
$ 209
99 / month
$1080 Annual Savings
  • Monthly perks of being a VIP include:
  • 2 Fills per month
  • 2 Free Hydrating Eye Mask Add-Ons
  • 50% Off First Brow Lamination
  • 10% Off All Future Brow Laminations
  • 10% Off Brow Shapes and Tints
  • 10% Off All Retail Products
  • 25% Off Hydrafacial Services

The Luxe

Recommended for those who love our
Classic, Hybrid, and TrueVolume styles
99 / month
$960 Annual Savings
  • Monthly perks of being a Luxe include:
  • 2 Fills per month
  • 1 Free Hydrating Eye Mask Add-On
  • 50% Off First Brow Lamination
  • 10% Off All Future Brow Laminations
  • 10% Off All Retail Products
  • 15% Off Hydrafacial Services

The Essentials

Recommended for those who love
our TrueXpress style
99 / month
$660 Annual Savings
  • Monthly perks of being an Essentials include:
  • 2 Fills per month
  • 50% Off First Brow Lamination
  • 10% Off All Retail Products
  • 10% Off Hydrafacial Services