The Difference Between Professional Eyelash Extensions and Lash Strips

Whether it’s a special event or you just want your eyes to look extra gorgeous, eyelash extensions can help you accomplish that look. So do you choose the lash strips at your local drug store or do you get synthetic lashes from a certified eyelash artist? You may not know what eyelash extensions are or how they are different from lash strips, so let’s look at some the main differences.

What are eyelash extensions?
At Deka Lash, we use a single individual synthetic lash, which gets attached to one of the client’s single natural lashes. These synthetic lashes are attached with a super strength, medical-grade glue, which doesn’t touch the skin and therefore reduces the chance of irritation. These eyelash extensions will last up to 4-weeks, but depends on a few factors, like the client’s lash growth cycle and every day wear. Eyelash extensions are natural-looking and undetectable to you or anyone else. They will add length, thickness, and fullness, something that can’t be achieved by makeup or mascara. Let’s not forget, it saves you time on your normal makeup routine!

What are lash strips (falsies)?
Falsies are lashes that are connected in a single strip to the skin of the eyelid. These false lashes (strip lashes) are the easiest to apply, but are also very easy to tell they are fake and don’t look natural. Since falsies are attached to the skin, they also raise the chances of skin irritation. Sleeping with these lash strips could result in infections to the eyelid gland. Most lash strips will only last for a day and will need to be reapplied daily.

If you are looking to get beautiful, fuller lashes, then stop by Deka Lash and let one of our certified lash artists help you achieve the look you are wanting to achieve.