I DO… Want beautiful lashes! Eyelash Extensions For Your Wedding Day

A soon-to-be bride has a thousand things on her mind before her wedding. Coordinating family, friends, invitations, decorations, and food options that can make your head spin – all before she’s even thought about her makeup…

Imagine waking up on your wedding day with beautiful full lashes, all the confidence in the world, AND no worries about your mascara smearing when the tears start to flow on your big day… Yes, please!

With a beautiful set of lash extensions, you can get away with simple, natural makeup and “WOW” your friends and family (and your hubby-to-be) with your natural beauty.

How do I decide which lashes are best for my wedding day?

For brides who want a stunning, natural look on their wedding day, your lash artist will most likely recommend a beautiful set of our classic lashes, which are noticeable, but not too exaggerated. If you are a bride looking to make more of a statement on your wedding day, our volume set may be best for you. Volume lashes give a gorgeous, fluffy look, and amp up your natural lashes for a more luscious-looking eye. Your lash artist will help you define the exact look you desire, but all of our lash extensions photograph beautifully! 😉

When should I make my appointment?

If you’ve never had Deka Lashes before, you may be shocked by the beautifying effects! We recommend coming in to your local studio about three weeks prior do your big day so that you can make sure the lash set is perfect for you and the look you are going for. Then you’ll need to schedule a fill within the week before your big day to make sure your lashes look their best. Be careful though, you may become addicted!

I will be outside for a portion of my wedding/honeymoon. Will my lash extensions survive the fall weather?

The most common request for lash extensions stem from women who are planning a wedding where they will require less makeup, but still want to look polished and put together with minimum fuss. Deka Lash extensions are very durable. Once applied to your natural lash, the extensions stay put until your natural lashes shed, which is super normal! Dry skin in the fall can affect the life of your natural lashes, but keeping your lashes hydrated and cleansed (using oil-free products) will guarantee the longest life for your lash extension year round!