Deka Lash co-founders Michael and Jennifer Blair

An Eye for Franchising

Over the past year, women and men across Canada and around the world have likely put their beauty and grooming habits on pause. Staying at home and away from others means some may have halted their daily makeup and hair curling routines, and with temporary closures, others haven’t had access to their coveted hair, laser, or waxing salons.

However, as we anticipate a return to normal, many individuals await getting that first set of nails or lashes once salons reopen. Fortunately, these brands have weathered a rough and rainy storm throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, proving that the beauty industry will always stick around.

As Deka Lash senior franchise director Ricki Wilkins puts it, “This beauty industry has and always will be recession resistant; it’s here to stay. And women will always find money to make themselves feel beautiful.”