PITTSBURGH, Oct. 8, 2018 (PRNewswire) – Deka Lash, the nation’s fastest growing eyelash extension brand, announces the launch of their most recent, eye-enhancing service: The Deka Lash Lift. This new service will be offered nationwide on November 1st and has been designed to add curl and definition to natural lashes for a dramatic, eye-opening beauty boost. The Lash Lift experience integrates an eight-step process that takes approximately 30 minutes and lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks, varying from person to person.

The Deka Lash Lift’s unique formula utilizes an advanced, yet sensitive, technology that will not irritate the eyes and can resist rain, pool water, sweat, tears, and humidity. The new service delivers faster results than competing lash lift services and makes it possible for women to maintain their beautiful natural lashes with little to no maintenance.

“We developed the Lash Lift service because it directly corresponds with our goals as a company and as a brand, which is to beautify and enhance the eyes,” says Jennifer Blair, CXO and founder of Deka Lash. “This new service gives the appearance of longer, stronger lashes by adding curl and lift to the natural lashes. It is the perfect alternative to clients who can’t wear lash extensions. I love this service because we are able to offer it in only 30 minutes, and it lasts about six to eight weeks.”

When asked what inspired her to implement this new service, Jennifer responded, “While our eyelash extensions are astonishing, The Deka Lash Lift is just another service that was brought about by listening to our customers who wanted another low maintenance way of accentuating the eyes.  With the Deka Lash Lift, you look so fresh-faced and beautiful!”


Deka Lash was founded in 2011 by Jennifer Blair, with the vision to create everyday confidence through beautiful lashes that are affordable and accessible to everyone. Deka Lash studios are modern retail salons which apply semi-permanent custom eyelash extensions by highly trained lash artists to the clients’ own lashes, providing a variety of unique looks and styles. The leading eyelash concept in innovation, Deka Lash began franchising in 2016 and to date has 38 studios open in 17 states.