brunette woman with green eyes and voluminous lashes looking to the right

FaceCake Introduces Stunningly Realistic Augmented Reality Lash Experience with Its Groundbreaking Virtual “Try and Book” Option for Deka Lash Studios

FaceCake’s AI-driven AR platform delivers next level Augmented Reality visualization, offering consumers an online way to preview Deka Lash’s unique lash extensions before booking their service at a DL lash studio. Exemplifying the evolving way that people shop for products and services, Deka Lash customers are able to virtually Try-On each lash style on a live video feed, instantly at, via desktop and mobile. Expanding AR “Try and Buy” to AR “Try and Book”, FaceCake gives the consumer the confidence to set an appointment for their preferred lash style, saving time for themselves and the Lash Artist.