How Deka Lash Became a Top Lash Franchise

Deka Lash is a woman-founded company with a mission to help women feel like their most beautiful, confident selves. We’re leaders in the lash extension franchise industry and continue to expand our reach in new markets. So, how did we get here? Learn how Deka Lash went from a single studio to a national franchise opportunity.


Founded by a Woman for Women Everywhere

Deka Lash founder Jennifer Blair has always had a passion for beauty. While on vacation, Jennifer got her first set of lash extensions. She was thrilled with the wide-awake look and effortless style. Upon returning home to Pittsburgh, she was dismayed to find her city had virtually nowhere to get her lashes filled. Then, she had a bright idea.

Jennifer became a trained lash artist before partnering with her husband, Michael, to open their very first studio. Named Deka Lash, a nod to their two daughters’ names, the concept became a hit in Pittsburgh. With popular demand and loyal customers, Deka Lash began to expand.

Soon, the husband-and-wife duo realized that they could help more people start a rewarding business, just as they had. Less than 10 years later, the Deka Lash franchise has expanded to over 100 locations and is offering opportunities in markets all over the country.


What it Takes to Wow the Customer

Since our start, Deka Lash has been known for our out-of-this-world customer experience. A beauty service connoisseur herself, Jennifer possesses a keen understanding of what our customers need and how we can deliver a truly unique experience on every visit. With a focus on comfort and convenience, Jennifer and our team have created a studio experience unlike any other.

In our eyes, the customer experience starts before guests even step foot in a studio. Customers can make an appointment online or over the phone in just over a minute. Using artificial intelligence and digital platforms, our appointment booking process also saves Deka Lash franchise owners time and resources.

Each Deka Lash studio is decked out in branded décor, creating a luxurious atmosphere that is both elegant and welcoming. After check-in, one of our trained lash artists will escort the customer to an ergonomic bed where they’ll receive their lash extensions or brow services with industry-best speed.


What Keeps Us Growing

As a company, we prioritize continuous research and development to ensure our processes, techniques and products are the best in the business. From the tools our lash artists use to our customer call center, every element of our processes has been thoughtfully developed with both customers and franchisees in mind.

As we gear up for another amazing year, the Deka Lash franchise is focused on simplifying operations to give our franchisees the flexibility they crave. Our earned semi-passive ownership model enables franchisees to build an exciting business without sacrificing the other aspects of their lives that mean most to them.


Own a Lash Extension Franchise

Ready to learn more about the Deka Lash franchise? Our team would love to share more details about our ownership model and plans for future growth. Get in touch with us now!