Deka Lash Model with eyelash extensions


Nicolette Ventura has always loved beauty, from the time she was a little girl coloring her Barbie doll’s hair to the make-shift salon at her home where she would put in hair extensions, do manicures and, with a line out the door, have girlfriends come over to have homecoming and prom make-up applied. “I have always loved making someone feel beautiful and confident,” says Nicolette.

Born into a strong Italian family, she was raised to be passionate about the things she loved and work hard for them. “I have had a strong work ethic since I was very young and have always been motivated.” Having been in dance, modeling and pageants since 4 years old, Nicolette has been a go-getter. During her senior year she was 1st runner up in Ms. Pennsylvania Teen USA, then she graduated high school and knew she wanted more. She left friends and family and moved across the country to Los Angeles, where she pursued modeling and attended Aveda Institute of Los Angeles for Cosmetology. In her studies she found what she enjoyed and did not like in the beauty field and also found herself a bit homesick, so back to Pennsylvania she went.