Seasonal Lash Shedding – What It Is and What To Do About It

Are you feeling like you’re losing more lashes than normal lately? Spring may be to blame.

The onset of spring is definitely one that many of us look forward to. But while we happily embrace the warmer weather and longer days, the one thing that many of us tend to forget is that spring also means the beginning of seasonal lash shedding.

If you’ve been worried about how many lashes you’re finding on your pillow in the morning, the good news is that increased lash shedding in the spring is totally normal. There is no way to prevent it, but we have a few tips for you to keep your lashes looking and feeling full and strong!

Things You Should Know About Spring Lash Shedding Season

  • Lash shedding happens year round, but tends to increase seasonally in the spring and fall. Just as many of our furry pet companions shed their coats as they adjust to the changing temperatures, our bodies need to adjust, too
  • Seasonal shedding typically lasts between 4-6 weeks, or the span of 2-3 lash fills
  • As we adjust to increasing temperatures, our bodies tend to increase oil production to keep our skin and hair hydrated. Allergens are also beginning to make their way into the air which can cause buildup on our lashes
  • Between the increased oil and allergens, the bond that holds your extensions onto your natural lashes can become weak. This means keeping your lashes clean and protected is extremely important to maintain your lashes between fills.


  • Keeping your lashes clean is the most important thing that you can do. Use lash-safe products, like our Lash Cleanse and Lash Cleansing Brush which are gentle on lash extensions, but tough on oil and buildup
  • In addition to cleaning, make sure you are brushing daily. Grab a Lash Brush to keep in your bathroom, and a Travel Brush to keep in your car so that you always have one handy when needed
  • Stay on schedule with your fills. Make sure that you are scheduling your fills for every two weeks
  • Consider trying a higher volume lash style, like MegaVolume or TrueVolume. These styles are made up of multi-lash fans, which can help keep your lash line looking fuller even with increased shedding

For added protection, include Deka Lash Finish into your daily routine. This is an easy-to-use product that you apply to your lash line that provides extra defense against oil, moisture, and humidity. Not only does this protect your extensions, but it gives your lashes a beautiful, glossy shine

It’s never fun to feel like you’re losing more lashes than normal. By educating yourself and adjusting your routines accordingly, you’ll still be able to maintain the full lash look you love this spring. If you have any questions about seasonal shedding or which products you should be using to protect your lashes, just ask your Lash Artist at your next appointment!