Deka Lash is proud to partner with Wands for Wildlife and support their mission of environmental education and the re-purposing and upcycling old mascara/lash wands for art and for the care of rescued wildlife here in the US. You can support W4W by purchasing a t-shirt. All proceeds benefit W4W.

The Wands for Wildlife organization inspires people to help wildlife and the environment through re-purposing discarded mascara wands for art, education, and caring for wild animals.

The nonprofit aspires to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste by motivating people to take action collecting and donating wands; creating novel ways to re-purpose and use wands in wildlife care and art; educating about our impact on wildlife and the environment; and participating in solutions to close the loop. As a nonprofit, Wands for Wildlife depends on the kind and generous support from individuals and Corporate Sponsors like Deka Lash.

-Tashi Brewster, Founder & Executive Director

Our Sustainability Statement

Here at Deka Lash, we are committed to continually evaluating our business practices to create a sustainable business for our Earth. We take pride in the partnerships we have cultivated all over the country, which help us achieve our sustainability goals.

How We Incorporate Sustainablity Today

  • We buy in bulk to cut down on shipping costs
  • We choose green vendors
  • We use synthetic lashes. Synthetic lashes are humane, cruelty-free, sustainable, and healthier for our clients.
    • Quick history lesson: Originally, lashes were either a hard, rigid polyester that caused irritation in many clients or were made from mink hair. This made lashes expensive and inhumane. It also caused many clients to have allergic reactions.
  • Our studios are paperless, meaning we do not have any paper receipts, membership agreements, or paper invoicing. All of this is electronic.
  • We use Eco-friendly sanitation practices. Our sanitation products do not contain any dangerous chemicals.
  • All of our retail products are sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and heavy metal-free
  • We offer reusable lash wands and cleaning brushes to our clients

Our Fulfillment Center

  • Uses recycled packaging and packaging slips
  • 99.9999% is recycled or reused within warehouse operations
  • Operates their warehouse and the machinery using local green energy
  • Buys locally
  • Uses all electronic communication and invoicing making them a paperless company.

We Encourage Our Independently Owned Studios

  • To donate their one-time use lash brushes to organizations who can re-use them.
  • To use local shops and small business whenever possible
  • To use sustainable sanitation practices (requirement)
  • Minimize the use of paper and plastic bags