Winter Eyelash Extension Care

Winter is here! Which means it’s time to start talking about how to take care of your eyelash extensions as we head into the colder, more dry months of the year…

So…How does the cold weather affect my eyelash extensions?    

Once applied to your natural lash, eyelash extensions are very durable. They are strong enough to withstand rain, pool water, sweat, tears & yes, even humidity! Taking care of your eyelash extensions in the winter doesn’t stem too far from how we take care of our lashes the rest of the year, but there are a few extra precautions we can take to preserve the quality of our lashes a little extra this season….

Take these tips into consideration when planning your winter eyelash extension care routine:

  • During the winter, our eyelash extensions take longer to dry or “set” because of the lack of humidity in the air. That is why is it especially important this time of year to wait 24-48 hours before getting your lashes wet after a full set or fill.
  • There is salt on the ground and there is salt in the air, which makes the eyelash extension adhesive harder to protect and can cause issues with retention. Deka Lash’s Lash Coating Serum will be your best friend this time of year! Applied 48 hours after your lash appointment, this handy-dandy serum will keep your lash extension adhesive fresh and protected from drying out!
  • Dry weather (and dry skin) in the winter can cause your natural lashes to fall out more frequently than other times of the year. That being said, one of the most important factors in maintaining the quality of your eyelash extensions in the winter comes alongside maintaining healthy skin. Well-moisturized skin leads to stronger, healthier lashes. The stronger your natural lashes, the stronger the base is to hold onto your eyelash extensions, especially during the extreme winter weather!
  • Eat healthily! This time of year it’s especially difficult, but a healthy body produces healthy eyelashes. Eating foods that are rich in proteins and vitamins helps promote lashes that are stronger and healthier all year round!